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Standards & Methods

Starr Homes standards and methods, including many green and energy efficient features, set the bar for exceptional design and quality construction and materials.

View some of our standards and methods below.

  • We use Quick Flash® flashing details on all wall penetrations where it is Stucco and stone installation. Quick flash flashings provide a much better seal to all outlets, light fixtures, and AC line home penetrations.
  • Subfloor material is upgraded to Edge Guard Gold or similar product which reduces impact of water contact.
  • All subfloors are glued and screwed down to dramatically reduce any possible floor squeaks now and in the future. 
  • We install interior drain tile as well as exterior drain tile around the footing. This decreases the chance for water pressure build up under the slab, and also allows for a passive radon system to improve overall interior air quality.
  • We use Glitsa® Floor finish instead of the standard polyurethane.  Glitsa has been shown to reduce scratching and yellowing issues found in standard polyurethane. 
  • All stain grade cabinets receive a pre-catalyzed lacquer versus standard lacquers that will hold up better to the wear and tear that cabinets receive.
  • Elastomeric paint used on all stucco surfaces, provides a much thicker and elastic paint product that bridges small fissures that occur in any concrete based product. 
  • Staircases finished to the basement.
  • Granite counters throughout home.
  • Built-in cabinets and shelves in hearth room in nearly every plan.
  • Cabinet doors are built from 1” wood stock instead of ¾” stock. 
  • Trim includes wood end-caps and iron spindles on staircase.
  • Oversized master shower with seat, 2 shower valves and heads in all plans.
  • Huge center kitchen island and walk-in pantries on most plans. 
  • No support posts in any garage.